Video Resources

There are very few good video resources to learn bowls that are provided by the governing bodies of the UK. Many of the best coaching or tactics videos are from Australia and New Zealand, and also Canada. BowlsWales does have a small selection which are included first on this page.


The WIBA and WLIBA when making these videos set out to give online access to our young bowlers who may not have club coaches, the opportunity to view tips and techniques on demand.

Although these are filmed indoors, they apply to outdoor bowling also.

For further information please visit: BowlsWales Coaching

Auckland Bowls ‘Bowls Basics’

A great series of videos explaining the basics. Auckland Bowls ‘Bowls Basics’ series is a resource for new and experienced lawn bowlers to help develop their game. Each of the short videos focuses on a key element of playing lawn bowls.

Bowls Australia

A good video from Bowls Canada Boulingrin on delivery.

A good video where some of the greats of the game give an insight into their game. Although a few years old, it is modern in its approach. Originally produced by Bowls England this video contains helpful tips & tricks for beginners and advanced bowlers alike.

We have qualified bowls coaches in the club who can help you. Just ask.