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Millwood Bowling Club has 3 teams that take part in league and cup matches throughout the bowls season – Men’s Club Side, Men’s A-Side & Ladies.

Each week, once the bowling season is well underway, there are usually 2 games for the men (Wednesday & Saturday) and 2 for the ladies (Tuesday & Thursday). We also have mixed games, such as our Monday internal league and friendlies.

The games take place from April through September. Games are home and away, and also some leagues start and finish at various weeks of the bowling season, and also at different start times depending on the league. If we don’t have a league fixture we will normally have arranged a friendly game.

Monday – No external games – Internal League Evening (Mixed)

Tuesday – LDR Afternoon league (Ladies)

Wednesday – Munro Cup Evening (Men)

Thursday – Glamorgan County Afternoon League (Ladies)

Friday – No external games – Social Evening ‘spoons’ games (Mixed)

Saturday – East Wales Private Greens League – Afternoon (Men’s Club Side & A-Side)

Saturday – Carruthers Shield – Early season 1 or 2 games to qualify for Welsh Championship (Men’s Club Side)

Sunday – No games – Green open







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Laws of the Sport ...

We play under the World Bowls Laws of the Sport. Please don’t feel that you have to know every rule, because the principles of the game are quite simple. The link here is to the official laws and covers every aspect and eventuality in the game.

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