The Green

The green, ditch, banks and rinks


The World Bowls Laws of the Sport state that:

46.2 The length of the green in the direction of play must be between 31 metres and
40 metres

Our green at Millwood is around 38 metres on all sides. That makes it quite a big green.


47.1 The green must be surrounded by a ditch.

48.1 The ditch must have a bank against its outer edge.

Ours meets all requirements, and should a bowl go into the ditch or hit the bank it won’t damage the bowl.


The green is divided into rinks. We have 6 numbered rinks. We rotate from ‘north – south’ to ‘east – west’. So for example, on a Monday the rinks could be parallel to the clubhouse, and on a Tuesday away from the clubhouse etc.

There is a ‘rotation’ plan in the kit room. This plan has to be kept, and nobody can alter it except the head greenkeeper. If you were to be the first person to arrive at the club to play a game, you would look at the plan and set out the rink accordingly.


New members will be shown how this all works.

Here are a few illustrations (from the latest World Bowls Laws of the Sport) to show how the green divided, and also the minimum distances when playing:

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We play under the World Bowls Laws of the Sport. Please don’t feel that you have to know every rule, because the principles of the game are quite simple. The link here is to the official laws and covers every aspect and eventuality in the game.

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