Munro Cup Rules (2024)

Munro Cup General Rules 2024

1. All matches to consist of 2 trial Ends &18 Ends

2. In the view of bad weather/light then matches may be shortened to 15 Ends alongside 2 Trial Ends – The Home Captain can enforce this if not mutually agreeable. If 18 Ends is agreed but weather is bad throughout the game then the captains must MUTUALLY AGREE to shorten the match to 15 Ends for it to be a standing result.

3. Any matches that start but are unable to be completed due to bad weather will be postponed and the full match is to be replayed with no scores carrying over.

4. Home Teams have between the hours of 1pm-4pm on Matchdays to cancel games for Bad Weather/Waterlogged Greens

5. If Teams are playing with less than 16 players, rinks are to be made up of triples and these triples will play with 6 bowls but have no shots deducted.

6. Teams must play with at least 12 players (4 triples) – If teams are unable to raise 12 players, they will be docked 3 points and will only be able to play for the rink points in the re-arranged match. The non-offending club will be eligible to play for all the points as normal.

7. Both Captains are responsible for sending in the results within 24 hours via email to to allow an updated Munro Cup Table to be sent out by Friday Evening each week

8. For clubs entering two teams into the Munro Cup, all players are eligible to represent either or both teams throughout the season. However, if any of the 3 clubs end up with 2 teams in the same division through promotion/relegation they will have to register players for each team at the start of the season and said players will only be permitted to represent the team they are registered for. If this rule is broken, the offending club(s) will be docked 14 points for each team and any further incidents could lead to their Munro Cup results being expunged.

9. Cancelled Matches do not need to be re-arranged for Wednesdays. Munro Cup Matches can take place on any day.

10. The Bottom 2 teams of Division 1 will be relegated and replaced by the top 2 teams of Division 2

11. All Re-arranged matches must be completed by Wednesday 4th September 2024