Coaching Quiz

Coaching Quiz

The ‘laws of bowls’ questions and answers are validated by the WBCA and World Bowls. The historical questions are provided along with sources for the answers.

No points are awarded, as in a normal quiz, but just check to see if you knew the answers. More questions will be added soon.

Which jack is the larger, indoor or outdoor?


Outdoors 64/63 mm diametre and weighs 285/225g

Indoors 67/63 mm diametre and weighs 453/382g

What is the minimum length a jack can be delivered?

23 metres

The front of the mat must be place a minimum of what distance from the rear (back) ditch?

2 metres

What does the phrase 'Jack High' mean?

A bowl which comes to rest with its nearest part from the mat the same distance as the nearest part of the jack from the mat.


How many types of grip are there to hold the bowl?

3: Claw, Cradle and Finger Tip

How many delivery stances are there in bowls?

5: Upright, Semi Crouch, Crouch, South African, Fixed

(some would add the ‘Shooter Stance’, but its not in the Welsh Coaching method)



How do we refer to a bowl that touches the jack (whilst in motion from delivery) and remains in play within the rink?

A Toucher.

A Toucher is a bowl that touches the jack and remains in play which is marked with spray/ chalk to signify it as being a toucher. The playing area (rink) also includes the ditch.

The toucher will still be ‘live’ in the ditch. Bowls in the ditch that haven’t touched the jack will be removed from the ditch as soon as possible after they have come to rest.

A jack in the ditch is also ‘live’.

How long is a bowls green?

Outdoor greens are between 31 and 40 metres long. Greens don’t have to be square (they can be rectangular). Indoor greens not less than 34 metres and no more than 40 metres.

Ours at Millwood BC is about 38 metres long.

The width of a rink can be between 4.3 and 5.8 metres (Outdoor)

The width of a rink can be between 4.6 metres and 5.8 metres (Indoors)

What are the minimum and maximum dimensions of the ditch and banks?

The ditch shall not be less than 200 mm or more than 380 mm wide and shall be not less than 50 mm or more than 200 mm deep.

The bank shall be not less than 230 mm above the level of the green, preferably upright, or alternatively at an angle of not more than 35 degrees from the perpendicular. 

Which is the heavier side of a bowl? 'big disc' or 'small disc'

Small disc.